La elite Illuminati empieza a temblar: Los franceses se toman las universidades y llaman al mundo a unir fuerzas.

Si amigos, un grupo de estudiantes se ha tomado la universidad de Sorbona y hacen un llamado al mundo a empezar la lucha contra todos aquellos que nos han llevado a esta crisis economica prefabricada. Esta crisis que esta hecha para provocar el caos y ellos quedarso con lo mejor de todas las personas: SU ESPERANZA.

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February 22, 2009

Demons of 1968 rise up to spook Sarkozy

The president is spooked as a new extremism hits France

RIOT police gathered outside the Sorbonne University in Paris on Thursday night. About 200 students had occupied it to display their opposition to the government. Then one of them stepped forward to make what sounded like an appeal for a general uprising.

“We call on people to occupy places of power, the major roads along which goods circulate,” she shouted, her face hidden in the folds of a black hoodie.

Voicing “solidarity” with strikers who have paralysed the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe over the past month, she went on: “We must unite our struggles.”

The French are known for a culture of protest but on this occasion the government has cause for concern. As the global financial crisis deepens, the flirtation with political extremes is intensifying to the extent that the most popular critic of President Nicolas Sarkozy is a firebrand Trotskyist committed to revolutionary upheaval.

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