Despues del Mundial de Football la realidad: Hoy 40% del Golfo de Mexico esta cubierto con Petroleo. Mañana cua nto será? Despierten amigos que este asunto es serio de verdad!!

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Lo bueno seria que la humanidad, en signo de protesta, parara de ver el show mediatico de football y se dirijan a los medios de comunicacion a denunciar la catastrofe que esta SUCEDIENDO ACTUALMENTE en el GOLFO DE MEXICO.



This is a sad day for Florida and I wish I did not have to send this warning out. But as a watchman on the wall I must let you know what is happening right now to you.

The government has been lying to us about the oil spill in the gulf all along. It is a disaster that BP & the government will not be able to stop, in spite of the Obamanation’s lies that it will be cleaned up 90% by this fall.

Here’s why, they have drilled down into the strata 6 miles below the ocean floor and tapped into a high pressure cavity. At this level the oil is called A-Biotic oil, it is being created by chemical reaction and will produce an endless supply of oil, sounds like the oil shortage is over , right, wrong. You see the pressure coming up from that well casing is up to 70,000 psi and we have no way to stop it. We do not even possess the science to contain that kind of pressure, let along stop it. On a normal oil rig there are two reading’s that are read immediately after they hit oil, the first is flow rate & the second is well head pressure and on a normal rig it is about 1,500psi. At that level all the safety systems work to keep everything safe.

On the Horizon rig in the gulf the well head pressure hit 70,000psi +- and blew the rig apart and every safety system with it. BP was told by the rig engineers that the fail safe valve needed to be replaced, but they told the crew to keep drilling anyway and Boom, off it went. The valve probably would not have stopped the oil at 70,000psi any way.

The amount of oil blowing into the gulf every day is about 4,000,000 gallons and increasing daily. With the pressure so high no body knows what to do to stop it, everything they have tried has failed and relief wells will not help only increase the problem. Here’s why, you see the well casing is down 6 + miles into the earth and the pressure has broken through in several places and continues to erode the well casing, it was 4 inches thick it is now aprox 1 inch thick and soon will be gone leaving the 70,000psi pressure to open the whole wider and spew out faster and faster. But according to the NOAA ( National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration), the pressure is opening up wholes all over the ocean floor up to 20 miles away and releasing oil plumes into the gulf, it is estimated by oil industry experts and the government NOAA that as much as 40% of the gulf is now covered with underwater oil clouds and growing.

Now comes the really bad part, oil is not the only thing coming out of the well head and the plume leaks. Deadly gases are escaping into the atmosphere. You will hear in the days to come about " Volatile Organic Compounds" in the air, the EPA has now begun to let out their research and readings on the deadly gases escaping into our air here in Florida. Number one, Benzine (C6H6) gas, the amount one breathes should not go pass 0 to 4 PPB, ( parts per billion) the reading this week in the gulf was 3,000 PPB, this gas is now moving over Florida and will cause problems with the brain, the stomach, and especially for pregnant women to name a few problems. Gas number two, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) It is a colorless, very poisonous, flammable gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. what humans can breath and survive is 5 to 10 PPB, the EPA reading this week 1,200 PPB, we die. Gas number three is Methylene Chloride ; human exposure is 61 PPB to survive, the EPA readings this week, 3,000 to 3,400 PPB. Its health risks is high volatility which makes it an acute inhalation hazard,. It also metabolized by the body to carbon monoxide potentially leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. Acute exposure by inhalation has resulted in optic neuropath and hepatitis. Prolonged skin contact can result in the dissolving some of the fatty tissues in skin, resulting in skin irritation or chemical burns. It may be carcinogenic, as it has been linked to cancer of the lung, liver, and pancreas in laboratory animals. It may be time to start thinking about moving out of the state, at least get on your knees and pray, pray, pray for God’s direction.

The times are grave, you will see gas at $6 to$8 a gallon by the end of this year, our dollar devalued by 70%, and by 2011 the dollar will be worthless as a world currency, most Americans will be working for the government as the free enterprise system will be gone. Regionalism will be in full force with states gone and the federal territories will be instituted, by the way we live in region 4. You say what proof? It would take me a book to explain it all to you and show all the documents, which I don’t have the time to do now. Just look for yourself it’s all online on youtube, and the many patriotic radio and internet programs like WAFS.TV. See my attached web sights for more.

My last bit of information for you, which you may not know. The Luciferian doctrine is being instituted as we speak and preparing the way for the return of Lucifer, (Anti-Christ) which by the way is the head of the Jews and every system on earth outside of Christianity. If you are a christian you need to REPENT and turn from your sins, but you say where have I sinned? Then see attached file, Individual Sins, read and repent and maybe God will forgive us and save Florida and our country!

Yours for freedom,

Richard C Wilmot
Pastor & Chairman
Orange County

Matt 4:17